Life's a beach

    Idle away the day in Manly

    When you think of great, accessible days out, feeling the ocean breeze through your hair as you bask in the sun at the famous Manly Beach, has to be right up there on the list.

    This famous surfing beach also has a beach wheelchair if you need it. With a plethora of accessible cafés, restaurants and shops (all sitting on level, smooth pavements spread out throughout Manly centre), there’s no wonder that Manly is amongst Australia’s top beaches to visit.

    Whether you spend the day exploring the level Manly markets, dining at the many accessible restaurants nearby or just lying on the sand and listening to the waves crashing while all your troubles disappear, there is something for everyone here.

    Another reason why this beach is so popular is the accessible coastal walk between Manly and Shelly Beach. A 20-30 minute journey along an easy, level path offering magical ocean views (with an accessible bathroom half-way along). There are also a few cafes to stop along the way

    Getting there is an experience in itself, with the Ferry from Circular Quay being not only easy, but offering spectacular views of Sydney Harbour.

    Here is a map of the area with some accessible and partially accessible places currently on WheelEasy.

    What Can Be Found Here?

    • Free-to-borrow beach wheelchair from Manly Surf Club (to book the chair, either call Northern beaches council 1300 434 434 or use this online form).
    • Plenty of step-free cafes and restaurants.
    • Smooth, level pavements.
    • Easy ramp access to Manly Beach available in front of the surf club (but it is a bit steep) and at Shelly Beach (a bit easier)
    • Accessible playground (North Steyne)
    • Plenty of accessible parking near the beach front.
    • Accessible beach showers
    • Manly markets on the weekends (stores have good access and are step-free)
    • Accessible coastal walk between Manly and Shelly Beach

    Accessible toilets

    • Inside Manly surf club
    • Inside Manly Library
    • 2 Inside New Brighton Hotel – First Floor and ground floor
    • Manly Ocean Beachfront (need MLAK Key – refer to FAQs below for more information)
    • At Manly Wharf (need MLAK Key – refer to FAQs below for more information)
    • Manly Surf Pavilion
    • Inside the Caltex nearby
    • At Shelly Beach

    Refer to this public toilet map from the Australian Government Department of Heath for more information.

    Accessible Parking Stations (free up to 2 hours)

    • Whistler Street Car Park (5 accessible parking bays)
    • Peninsula Car Park (5 accessible parking bays)
    • Pacific Waves Car Park (4 accessible parking bays)
    • Manly National Car Park (5 accessible parking bays)


    Is the beach wheelchair free?

    Yes the beach wheelchair is free but you will need to book in advance.

    How can I get to Manly Beach from Circular Quay

    2 different accessible ferries take you from Circular Quay to Manly Wharf. The normal speed one (which takes approx. 27 minutes) is $7 each way from wharf 3. The faster ferry leaves from wharf 2 and costs $9-10 each way (it takes approx. 24 minutes).

    By Car – Approx. a 25 minute drive from Circular Quay to Manly Beach.

    By Bus – from Circular Quay, you have to take 2 different buses, and it takes approx. 1 hour.

    How do I book the beach wheelchair?

    Either call Northern beaches council 1300 434 434 or use this online form.

    What Is an MLAK KEY?

    A Master Locksmith Access Key is a key created by the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia, and you can use it to unlock accessible facilities around Australia. You can buy one directly from any master locksmith near you, or order one from the National Support Office by completing this form and returning it via email or post.

    Is there an MLAK Key Available There for me to borrow?

    No, unfortunately you will need to have one before you arrive.

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