Taking photos

Taking photos

...and writing descriptions


We think that one of WheelEasy’s strengths is the quality of the main photography. Good photos can make our platform so much more pleasant to use, so it would be great if the pictures you submit for each place look good too! Please try your best with every entry. Have a look at this video.

The quality of the photos is so much more important than just making the web app look nice. Because photos can sum up a situation so much more quickly and precisely than words alone, the quality and relevance of your photos will also make a difference to how helpful the entry is.

Everyone with mobility needs differs, and consequently what they need from access may differ slightly. Added to this, some staff may not know the answer to specific queries.

For these reasons, we thought it was essential to build in the ability to add captions to your photos. A caption can make so much more sense of a photo, and be an opportunity to include really helpful info.


When you are adding a place, there are different things to look for depending on what category you are dealing with. With over 20 different categories of places, ranging from beaches to parking locations to cinemas, there are many things to consider. For example, the gradient of a beach will be essential to know, whereas at the cinema, the number of access seats and view from that seat are important.

So we've made it easy by creating individual 60 to 90 second films that appear in the flow when you are adding a place in any particular category. Watch this film

Here's the full list of "What to look for" films.

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