How to use the web app

How to use the web app

…an overview

We know access information can be difficult to find, so you may be missing out on lots of things you could be doing, simply because you didn't know whether or not they were accessible. WheelEasy pools all this information in one easy to use mobile-friendly web app. We use icons which show each place’s category, and its position on a Google map, relative to yours.

Our traffic light system shows a place on our map as green (accessible), yellow (partially accessible), or red (inaccessible). These are measured by certain criteria which are shown on the individual place page.

Each individual place page has basic contact information, a description and photos left by the person adding the place, and also a review section, where you can leave your assessment of the usefulness of the information. Our aim is for WheelEasy to be a place where people with mobility needs can leave feedback on often difficult-to-come-by access information, and how welcoming the place they're visiting is, together with what the experience was like generally.

The information on our web app is only there because people like you have shared what they find out about access (see the next tile).

Also, you will notice in your menu a leaderboard. This is where members can accumulate points every time they add new information. You can favourite a place, if you want to keep it for future reference, or share it with someone else if you feel they would find it helpful, or when you're adding a place, you can save it to drafts to do later. There’s also near the bottom, an access widget; this allows you to adjust your view, depending on the level of accessibility you require.

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