Bookmark WheelEasy

Bookmark WheelEasy

...on your phone homescreen

WheelEasy is a web app – a website which behaves like an app; in other words, you'll find it on your web browser and not in your app store, and we’ve designed it so that it works just like an app. Just like an app, you can bookmark it on your phone’s homescreen so that it's always conveniently at hand when you need it.

It's a hassle to have to go to the App store, find the app, and wait for it to download. So you don't have. It's available, free, on any web browser and an icon can be saved to the homescreen for immediate use, just like any app. Bookmarking it is easy. This video shows how to do it on an iPhone.

It is slightly different on Android – this image shows you how.

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