About WheelEasy; access info for mobiles on wheelchair friendly locations and activities. 

This web app is an initiative of the WheelEasy Foundation. For more information about WheelEasy, or to make a tax-deductible donation, click here.

How it works

WheelEasy is the one stop shop for everything about access for everyone who wants to get out and live life to the full with their family and friends.

We know access information can be difficult to find, so you may be missing out on lots of things you could be doing, simply because you didn't know they were there. WheelEasy pools all this information in one easy to use mobile friendly site.

The information on our site is only there because people like you have shared what they know about access. If you visit a place that’s really accessible (or not) you can put it on our map so other people know about it too.

We use a traffic light system to show each place as accessible (green), partially or maybe accessible (yellow), or inaccessible (red). These are measured by certain criteria which we’ve made into a series of icons for each type of place.

Partially accessible

Map key

The WheelEasy map is populated by icons to represent the different types of places you can visit.
Train & Tram stations
Boat Terminals
Picnic Areas
Parks & Gardens
Museums & Galleries
Cinemas & Theatres
Leisure Participation
Large Venues
Wildlife & Sealife
Other Facilities & Attractions
Accessible Toilets
Food & Drink
Camping & Caravan Parks
Hotels & Motels
Example map showing icons


We’ve created Hotspots with denser access information so you have a great day out without all the hassle. Hotspots are more accessible areas of the city and have more things for you to access all in one place. We’ll be adding more Hotspots, so if you’ve discovered another area, please let us know.

Friends of WheelEasy

Friends of WheelEasy are places that are proud to be welcoming and inclusive to all. It’s not always possible to be 100% accessible, however Friends of WheelEasy go above and beyond what is legally required, demonstrating an inclusive attitude and making every effort to be as accessible as possible.

Friends of WheelEasy are marked with a more noticeable icon on our maps and are tagged in our listings.

If you're interested in becoming a Friend of WheelEasy, please contact us.


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