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How to add

…and update places

The information on our web app is only there because people like you have shared everything they find out about access. Whilst our priority is, naturally, recording accessible places, because it's often as important to know where you can't go as much as where you can, we welcome information on partially accessible and inaccessible places. These most definitely should appear on our map. You add by clicking the Add button (or the + sign if you're on a mobile) and entering the ‘add place flow’.

With over 20 different categories of places, ranging from beaches to parking locations to cinemas, there are many different types of access information to consider.

For example, the gradient of a beach will be essential to know, whereas at the cinema, the number of access seats and view from those seats are important. So we've made it easy by creating individual 60 to 90 second films that appear in the flow when you’re adding a place in any particular category. See the next tile about adding photos and writing descriptions.

As well as adding new places to the map, it's also important to ensure that what is already on the map is up-to-date. And because people don't always have the time to write a complete thorough submission, you can leave your submission until later by putting it in your drafts folder. See this, about how to add and update places.

When you have added a place, your submission gets reviewed by our moderators, all of whom have experience of mobility needs, before appearing on the map.

In your menu, you will notice a leaderboard. This is where members accumulate points every time they add new information. When you've registered, your position on the leaderboard, relative to everyone else is shown.

(If you'd like to add places regularly, you might like to register as one of our volunteers. Take a look at the tile on being a volunteer).

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