The WheelEasy Foundation invites corporate social responsibility (CSR) partnerships, to add accessible places to our web app

Help make the world more inclusive, for everyone, one place at a time

What makes volunteering with WheelEasy such a great option for team building and branding for your organisation?
  • Develops strong team dynamics and improves staff motivation and morale
  • Increases company pride and staff loyalty
  • Creates a positive recognition of your contribution to the wider community
  • Fosters a positive corporate image
  • A great team building excercise
  • Promotes a sense of community within your organisation
  • Helps reduce employee absenteeism and improves recruitment and retention (Volunteering Victoria)
  • You can learn new skills
  • A great way to network
  • A fun exercise for all employees
  • A good way to promote your company
  • A great way to show your support for a charity

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Organisations we've worked with

AMP Foundation
City Of Sidney
Hall & Wilcox