Hip dip with a hip view

    Stay cool at the Watson’s Bay pool

    Sydney is THE city by the sea, meaning that spending time by the water is a real "must do". At this 100% fully inclusive seawater enclosure, you can descend into the shark-net protected harbour pool via the deep-water access ramp, and then enjoy the water and the view, drying off in the sun on one of the two floating sunbathing platforms.

    Sydney only has two or three ocean tidal enclosures which allow whole families or groups of friends to enjoy the water together. Watsons Bay Baths means you can really enjoy your day out, rather than watching on while others have a great time in the water.

    Even though sadly the boat terminal is inaccessible, you can still get there easily enough by bus (or by car). The unparalleled million-dollar views of boats dancing on Sydney's harbour make it worthwhile.

    To get the most out of your visit, you'll need to borrow one of the two fully immersible waterproof aquachairs from their secured lockers. To access these, you must use an MLAK key. If you don't have one, refer to the FAQs for information about how to get one.

    Here is a map of the area with some accessible and partially accessible places currently on WheelEasy.

    What Can Be Found at The Baths

    • Two Fully Immersible Wheelchairs.

    • Deep Water Access Ramp.

    • Wheelchair Storage Lockers – MLAK Key Required

    • Accessible Parking at Marine Parade Car Park.

    • Accessible Toilet in Robertson Park and Watsons Bay Library (entry to library is accessible with level ramp access)

    • Secure Shark Netting.

    • Two Floating Sunbathing Platforms.

    • Securely Fenced with Child-Proof Gates.

    • Olympic Sized Harbour Pool (3m) What Can’t Be Found at The Baths

    • No lifesaving services are provided.


    What is an MLAK key?

    A Master Locksmith Access Key is a key created by the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia, and you can use it to unlock accessible facilities around Australia. You can buy one directly from any master locksmith near you, or order one from the National Support Office by completing this form https://masterlocksmiths.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/ORDERFORM-MLAK-2019.pdf and returning it via email or post.

    Is there an MLAK Key available there?

    No, unfortunately you will have to have one before you arrive.

    How Can I Get There From The CBD?

    By Bus - Buses to Watsons Bay from the CBD are 324 and 325. This will cost $4-5 and take around 1 hour.

    By Car – Approximately a 24 minute drive.


    Are the Aquachairs free to use?

    Yes, they are free to use. All you need is your MLAK Key (see above) Are There Accessible Toilets Nearby?

    Yes, there are accessible toilets at the nearby Robertson Park and also in the Watsons Bay Library (both an approximate 1 minute walk away).

    What else is near the baths?


    Enjoy a coffee and a meal at Dunbar House (accessible ground floor entry via ramp, lift to

    second floor and accessible toilets) or the Tea Garden (only accessible outside

    dining, with accessible toilets outside).

    Or eat takeaway fish and chips from Doyles On The Wharf, in the nearby Robertson Park

    (including an accessible toilet and playground for the kids) . Beaches

    Watsons Bay Beach and Gibsons Beach are both accessible via a ramp. Sights

    Check out the Sir John Robertson Plaque.

    Near Robertson Park are the beautiful Federation Cliffs. Our more detailed map



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