Partially Accessible Museum & Gallery In Emu Bay RoadGreat Western Tiers Visitor Centre

    Last update at Oct 28, 2021 5:08 AM
    There is accessible parking right out front, and with a small bump between road and footpath you can roll right up to and through the generous double automatic doors of the centre. Inside the centre there is an accessible toilet which is clearly signed, but you do need a key from the front desk - the staff are very helpful and friendly. The shop is accessible, as are the lower levels of the information and map stands against the walls. You will need to ask for help for higher maps and tourist information materials. While much of the internal museum is not accessible - this was an old home and business and the architecture reflects this - the fibre art panel room with a film about each of the four panels and some of the outdoor farm equipment displays in the grounds are accessible. The Yarns fibre art room can seat about 6 wheelchairs at a time, via a wide, single manual door. The panels themselves are not accessible because there are only wide stairs with a handrail on each side of the room. The video that runs every 30 minutes does offer close-up camera views for those not able to access the floor. The grounds are accessed by locked double wide gates to the right-hand side of the building. A gravel area for staff parking is wide, allowing for a vehicle to drop off a wheelchair and turn around. The gate is locked so staff are needed to gain wheelchair entry. The paths are uneven brick. A permanent side ramp and narrow gate gives access to the deck at the back of the centre.
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