Accessible Restaurant & Cafe In Coogee Bay RoadSUSHIGOI

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    Last update at Oct 4, 2022 6:14 AM
    SUSHIGOI is a Japanese food outlet on Coogee Bay Road that is accessible for wheelchair users, but it uses a high level sushi train conveyer belt that serves their customers. There is step-free access into the venue via a gentle ramp at the entrance, leading to the counter and indoor seating area, which is inaccessible to wheelchair users due to the high counter and stools. There are no toilets on site and no outside tables. Closest accessible toilets can be found 180m away at Coogee Beach Arden Street. Closest accessible parking Coogee Oval Arden Street or Coogee Beach Dolphin Street
    Most areas accessible
    No accessible toilet
    Restricted space
    No outside tables
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