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    Last update at Mar 10, 2021 4:52 PM
    Shop owner Sharon Kissick offers a range of hot and cold drinks (often with a complimentary biscuit or piece of cake on the side). Love of a Lifestyle is a homewares, accessories, and gift store which features an accessible shopping area inside, as well as an outdoor garden area with plants and outdoor art for sale. in her garden courtyard. Both the courtyard and the shop are dog-friendly - the dog beach is close by for companion animals, and there are many drinking bowl options for pets and service dogs alike. The shop is a former home, so the front door access is narrow, with a couple of shallow steps to enter. Entry for wheelchairs, or for those who find steps a challenge, is via the courtyard gate to the left of the physical building itself, where there is a ramp to enter the shop. The courtyard itself is flat, and has sugar cane mulch and paver stones, so the courtyard surface is not completely smooth, but the access and overall courtyard area is wide and securely fenced. Toilets are located in the courtyard area, however there is a shallow lip and a 700mm wide doorway, so a chair will not fit in; the toilet is therefore accessible only for those with some ambulation capacity. Sharon goes out of her way to be welcoming and accommodating of her client's needs, and visitors are encouraged to take their time while looking around. On windy days the side door is often closed, but is not locked. If in doubt call ahead to ensure the gate is open for seamless entry.
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