Accessible Stroll In Arden St Opp Coogee Bay RdCoogee beachfront stroll

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    Last update at Oct 5, 2022 12:19 AM
    Wonderful stroll along the whole of Coogee beachfront and beyond! You can do the first part of the Coogee to Bondi walk at the Northern end and the pathway also continues at the southern end (although both have fairly steep slopes to start). The main part of the stroll along the waterfront is all flat with really wide well-paved pathways. There is accessible parking at both ends of the beach. There are a couple of accessible toilets - one public toilet up next to the playground at the southern end of the beach, the other is within the Coogee Pavillion at the northern end. Plenty of cafes, and the accessible Coogee pavilion at the northern end of the stroll, to stop for a coffee or food along the way. And a cafe with cocktails and licenced bar at the southern end (not accessible inside but has outside seating).
    Easy terrain
    Coastal amble
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